Location and accommodation

The aerodrome of Santa Cilia-Los Pirineos is located in the Jacetania area, an unspoilt area of natural beauty, with a rich cultural heritage, good food and facilities for practising a number of sporting activities. It is a perfect complement to our flying activities for visitors wishing to explore the surroundings.

Cultural visits:


San Pedro fort and citadel (16th century) and the Museum of military Miniatures
The Cathedral of Jaca (11th century) and its Museum of Romanesque Frescoes
Rapitan Fortress (19th to 20th centuries)
The Clock Tower (15th century)

In the Jacetania Area:

San Juan de la Peña Monastery (10th century)and Santa Cruz de la Serós
Borau, San Adrian de Sasabe Chapel
Virgen de Iguacel Chapel, in the Garcipollera Valley, near Castiello
Villanua, The Güixas Cave
Canfranc and its International Station
Castle-Art Museum in Larres
Hecho, the open air modern Art Museum
Siresa, Church of San Pedro (9th to 13th centuries)
Anso, Museum of traditional Costume      


Sports et Nature

The aerodrome is located in the Pyrenees where all those keen on winter sports can practise a range of activities including snowshoeing,ice-climbing, downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding.

There are 4 ski resorts offering downhill skiing and snowboarding; Astún, Candanchú, Panticosa and Formigal. Cross-country skiing is available at Somport, Linza or Lizara.

Jaca also has a first-class ice-skating rink, where you will be able to skate and have fun with your family and friends all year round.

Other tourist activities

The aerodrome of Santa Cilia-Los Pirineos has nearby golf courses; Margas Golf and Badaguás Golf. 
In addition,, there are a lot of other adventure activities in the area, such as rafting, canyoning and walking/hiking for all levels

You can find more information in www.jacetania.es


The Jacetania Area has a wide range of accommodation to choose from. Please see the following links for more information:

Santa Cilia

Casa Angel 974 377 174 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Casa Gómez 654 311 703 leandrogz.wix.com/casagomez
Casa Vicente de Palacio 650 442 145 www.vicentedepalacio.com
Casa Rural La Posada 619 968 040 www.casarurallaposada.com
El Lagar del Palacio 606 349 420 www.lagardepalacio.com
Bungalows Pirineos 974 377 351 www.campingpirineos.es
Casa Rural el Bosque 620 897 754 www.turismoruralenjaca.es

Santa Cruz de la Serós

Hotel Aragón 974 377 112 www.hotelaragonjaca.es
El Mirador de Santa Cruz 609 470 231 www.elmiradordesantacruz.com
Hostelería Santa Cruz 974 361 975 www.santacruzdelaseros.com
Casa Espantabrujas  659 925 760 www.espantabrujas.com

Puente la Reina de Jaca

Hotel Anaya 974 377 411 www.hotelanaya.com


Casa Lo Ferrero 974 377 234 www.casaloferrero.com
La Portada del Medievo 636 373 820 www.laportadadelmedievo.es


El Hortal de Bruno 876 67 96 21 www.elhortaldebruno.com


Hotel Conde Aznar 974 361 050 www.condeaznar.com
Hotel Barosse 974 360 582 www.barosse.com
+ info:


+34 974 377 610

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