Aeronautical information

Aerodrome of Santa Cilia-Los Pirineos. OACI “LECI”.
The aerodrome of de Santa Cilia is an uncontrolled airfield with restricted use open to the general and sportive aviation.

They use of a radio tuned to the aerodrome frequency of 123.50 is compulsory
Coordinates: 42º 34′ 16” N / 00º 43′ 39” W.
Reporting points: N Hecho; E Jaca; S Bailo; W Berdún.
Altitude: 684 m (2.244ft).
2 asphalt runways 09-27: Main runway 850m, alternative runway 650m.

The main runway may at times be occupied by gliders waiting for a tow. If the alternative runway is not long enough for your aircraft, please avoid arriving at midday, when there are more tows in progress.

Power circuit, SOUTH of the aerodrome.
Gliding circuit, NORTH of the aerodrome.

ARO office designated to process flight plans: ZARAGOZA telephone: 976 712 331 fax 976 712 412.

There is a permanent NOTAM for aeroanautical activities from 0 to 15.000ft activated 3NM of the airfield.
Aviation fuel AVGAS 100LL and 95

We recommend you study the Jeppessen chart prior to arrival at the airfield.

+ info:

+34 974 377 610

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