Advanced Pyrenees

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Someone said once that to see the Pyrenees from a glider it is a privilege that only gods and birds can share. If you try this experience surely you will be able to confirm it.

We will fly where the weather conditions allow us : ¿Vignemale? Aneto?, or maybe you prefer Guara Mountains... or even we can arrive to Andorra. You will experience the pleasure of gliding. If you are mountaineer you will see and enjoy in four or five hours all the peaks of the Pyrenees that you have climbed on foot. Prepare your camera!

This flight is an adventure. Do not forget that we fly without engine and there is no guarantee to be able to land again in the airfield. is it a problem or an incentive? A challenge, a game of chess against the nature. To come back home, the instructor will have to be able to use the energy in the atmosphere. If that is not be posible,we will  look for a suitable area to land and from there we will come back to the airfield by car. Nothing happens!

Total price of flight -including tow and glider time- will be 380  and must be pre-paid by bank transfer, cash or credit card. The minimum duration will be 3 hours. You will be able to say to the pilot when you want to come back to the airfield and normally in less than one hour we willarrive at Santa Cilia.  If the weather conditions allow it we can fly during  5 or 6 hours, and the experience will be unforgetable... do you dare?

+ info:

+34 974 377 610

Precio total:

380,00 €

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