Amazing Pyrenees

Have flown for the first time and want to try more?...  maybe you need "Amazing Pyrenees"

This time the flight will be in a 20 meter advanced glider, allowing us to show you the high mountains near the airfield. Probably in your first flight you would have  seen and heard the names: Bisaurin at the head of Aragües del Puerto valley, Aspe, visible when skiing at Candanchú, or Collarada, always on most typical Jaca postcards. All of them are peaks   close to 3.000 m, and we will flight so close you may be greeted by mountaineers climbing the ridges. Very often those same mountaineers send us amazing pictures of our encounters? 

To make this  kind of flight, we need a long tow, usually over the Aisa valley, releasing the tug over Borau. From there, we fly by our means, assuring you an unforgettable experience.

Total price of flight -including tow and glider time- will be 195 € (see recent fees and prices) and must be pre-paid by bank transfer, cash or credit card. In adittion, only for 20 € more, and telling us in advance, we can record the complete flight from a camera installed at the wing tip, with you as a the featured star centered on the screen. Make everyone die of envy! 

+ info:

+34 974 377 610

Precio total:

195,00 €

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